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Why Invest in Gold Sovereigns?

Gold once was the only precious asset to own for the rich.  It was the best investment option, the most desired form of jewellery, and of course, the best option to store wealth. What’s astonishing about gold is that it still holds the position of most desired precious metal. So investing in gold is a must for every investor with a diverse investment portfolio.

The question is, what sort of gold investment option is best for you. Choosing the best gold investment involves many factors ranging from the investment amount to your risk tolerance.

One of the best investment options for physical bullion investors is gold sovereigns.

Gold Sovereigns are the gold coins that the Royal Mint has produced for centuries. They were initially issued as legal tender and held the value of 1 Pound. Different monarchs issued coins of different designs, so each coin has a unique history associated with it. We will guide you on how the gold sovereigns can prove to be a good investment for you and why you should invest in these sovereigns.


The gold sovereigns are one of the smallest gold coins available to trade in the market. These coins weigh about 7.32 grams. For investors that like to have physical gold in their possession, gold sovereign coins are a great option. The coins are well recognised worldwide, making them easily tradeable. They are also much smaller than traditional, 1 Ounce sized coins, making them much easier to buy and sell incrementally. For this quality, the gold sovereign coins are easily tradable. 

Tax exemption:

For investors, the best investment is always the one that offers more benefits when it comes to tax. You can save a reasonable amount in taxes when you are investing in gold sovereigns. The gold sovereigns were first issued as legal tender, so they are exempt from capital gain taxes or CGT. Gold coins are also exempted from VAT (Value added tax).

Historic Importance:

Gold sovereigns associate much important historical and geographical appeal with them. Although the coins were officially issued as legal tender in 1817, there are gold coins available to buy in the market that were minted during the reign of King Henry VII.

After their official launch in 1817, these coins have been issued in different designs under different monarchs, and they hold historical importance due to that.

After originally minted in London, the gold sovereigns were later produced in other parts of the world as well. Gold sovereigns were also minted in Bombay - India, Pretoria - South Africa, Melbourne, and Perth - Australia, and Ottawa – Canada. Some coins are also high in demand due to their geographic appeal.

Now that you have known the benefits of investing in gold sovereign coins, you can make your mind about how much to invest in these sovereigns. As we discussed above that the gold coins are in demand due to two main reasons, their intrinsic gold value and their desirability due to their rich history.

Gold sovereigns can easily be traded or sold at a later date. This is due to the fact that they are renowned worldwide, and one of the most popular gold coins available.

British Sovereigns are available for VAT exempt storage in Switzerland and for worldwide delivery. Payment is accepted in multiple currencies and Cryptocurrencies.

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