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Reasons to Invest in Palladium

Investing is all about getting to know about new opportunities and investing in the right stocks, commodities, or futures at the right time. Your investment portfolio needs to be so diverse that the risks of getting all your money wiped off due to a few decisions of yours are very unlikely.

Experts say that precious metals should make up 15-20% of your investment portfolio. Now, if you weren't invested in gold or silver, the two most common investment options when it comes to precious metals, you are wrong if you think that you missed the opportunity to invest in precious metals at the right time.

Gold stood at less than $400 in the 1990s and is now worth $1877, meaning it has increased its value by over 400% in the last 30 years.  However, other precious metals have the prospects of similar returns.

Palladium is a precious metal that belongs to Platinum Group Metals along with Rhodium and Platinum. Its worth remembering that in 2018, palladium surpassed the price of gold. Palladium also hit its all-time high in 2019.

Here are some reasons as to why you should consider investing in Palladium:

  • Increased Demand: Gold has always been favoured as the most sought-after precious metal. However, we don’t see the use of gold other than a hedge against inflation and use in jewellery. That is not the case for palladium. Just as with silver, palladium is also used in the industrial sector as well as the financial sector as an investment.
    The palladium’s demand in the automotive industry is increasing with every passing day as it is used as an important ingredient in catalytic converters. The biggest auto manufacturing countries, China and US, are using palladium, and the volume of automobiles they produce every year depicts the real picture of Palladium’s demand in coming years. Now, as an investor, you can see where the value of palladium is expected to rise in the next few years.
  • Low Supply: We know that the other factor necessary to predict the metal price other than demand is supply. Diminishing supply affects the prices of commodities in the same way that the increase in demand does. Russia and South Africa are the only two major countries to produce the majority of Palladium we see in the market. While Russia’s production is seen as declining recently, the South African nation is unable to keep up with demands due to labour strikes, which hamper the output.
  • Constant Rise in Price: The result of decresing supply and increasing demand has made palladium's price go higher. While the high demand increases the price of Palladium, slow supply also adds to it. In the last decade, the price of Palladium has constantly been increasing regardless of demand and supply. Limited injection of new Palladium will make it more scarce, hence increasing prices further.
  • Hedge against inflation: All precious metals, including palladium, have the quality to act as a hedge against inflation. 
  • Rarity: Palladium is 15 times rarer than its closest metal Platinum, which makes it 30 times rare than gold. Its is one of the rarer metals on the planet.

If you want to start investing in Palladium, you can do so by buying the Palladium bullion directly from a trustworthy supplier of metal, like You can purchase physical Palladium in the form of coins and bars of different weights.  

Although palladium is standing near its highest point, it is still increasing, and experts say that the prices will go further high in coming years due to the widespread use of white metal.

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