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AML Compliance

AU Trading (Europe) Limited maintains an Anti Money Laundering policy. All clients of the company are expected to adhere to the policy, and follow the required guidelines depending on the size and nature of their transaction. 


Information for all Clients Making Purchases Not Exceeding £10,000

All clients whose total purchase value does not exceed £10,000 over the course of a year are not required to meet any AML requirements. However, for clients whose orders are deemed high risk, this documentation may also be requested. 


Information for all Clients Making Purchases Over £10,000

For clients whose total purchase value exceeds £10,000, AML documentation is required. The standard documentation required includes a copy of an official government ID (normally a driver's license or a passport), and a copy of a recent utility bill or a bank statement that confirms the account holders address. This should not be more than 90 days old. Please note that gathering this information helps us to ensure that our website is used legitimately. 

All information gathered via AML compliance is maintained in accordance with GDPR privacy guidelines. 

Company Accounts:

For clients wishing to open accounts in a company or entity such as a trust will need to show that they are able to make purchases on behalf of the company. This will include a notarized or validated copy of the company's certificate of incorporation. Other requirements include a certificate of good standing. Additional information will be requested if deemed necessary.


High-Risk Accounts:

For clients placing orders originating in high-risk jurisdictions, and for clients placing large value transactions, additional information may be requested. If this is necessary, a member of our compliance team will contact you directly to obtain any additional documentation that is required to open your account. 

If you have further questions regarding this policy, please contact us directly.

Please click here to obtain a copy of our AML Form.

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