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Gold Maple Leafs vs Gold Krugerrands

With the uncertainty that is prevalent in the market, investors want a safe haven for their money. Gold is one of the safer bets available. Nevertheless, the further subcategories of gold make it challenging for investors to choose the best option. Let’s look at the two of the most popular types of gold coins available for investment: Gold Maple Leafs and Gold Krugerrands.

The first type of gold coin is the Maple Leaf, but what exactly is the gold maple leaf? These coins were first released in 1979, after the South African Krugerrands which were launched in 1967. Canadian Maple Leafs were issued due to a market shortage that was caused by Apartheid in South Africa affecting international sales of Krugerrands. To cope with this growing shortage, Canada started producing these Maple Leaf coins under its currency act. Since their initial release, they have always been held in high regards by investors. Gold investors are always willing to invest in these coins due to their recognition worldwide, and their high quality.

What are Gold Krugerrands? These are one of the purest forms of gold coins available and they were the first of their kind. The Gold Krugerrand coin originates from South Africa. Demand for this coin has always remained high. Before the advent of Gold Maple Leafs, Gold Krugerrands dominated the Gold coin market with a share of approximately 90% in the 1970s.

In looking at investing in Gold Maple Leafs vs Gold Krugerrands, a comparison between the two can play a significant part in helping to decide which to purchase. Despite being the most circulated form of Gold Coin, both coins are equally popular today. The Maple Leaf's growth in popularity is due to the coin's purity of 9999, and its general popularity in the market. However, it is important to note that the coin is sold on its gold content, so both coins do contain 1 troy ounce of gold. However, the Krugerrand gold coin is 92% gold, or 22 karat. The other metals included in the coin are silver and copper, which gives the coin its slightly unique colouring. The Gold Maple Leaf coin is 99% gold, or 24 karat. For some investors, this gives Gold Maple Leafs an edge over Krugerrands. However, the copper included in the Krugerrands makes them more durable, and less likely to scratch.

Both the coins have a similar value and have the same benefits for gold investors. Both the gold Krugerrand and Maple Leaf are sound bullion choices that can certainly yield good outcomes and returns. sells both the gold Maple Leaf and gold Krugerrand, in one ounce and fractional sizes. Coins are available for purchase in 20 currencies, and seven cryptocurrencies, and can be purchased for delivery or for storage. 

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