Sell Gold Bars & Coins

We buy and sell gold, silver, platinum and palladium bullion. We aim to offer the tightest spreads on bullion in Europe and guarantee to buy back all products offered on this website at 99.5% of the prevailing market spot price. We also offer competitive prices for all other bars, ingots and coins. Sell your bullion bars and coins. We buy coins, bullion bars and ingots. Please note that purchased from clients are handled exclusively by partners in London, United Kingdom

If you are interested in selling your bullion, please contact us.

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We pay 99.5% of the live spot price. All bullion purchases from clients are handled exclusively from our London office. You may either deliver the items that you wish to sell in person or we can assist in arranging insured transportation. Please use the below tool to calculate an indication as to how much you will receive for your bullion:

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