Brexit and the British Economy

The doom and gloom Brexit predictions continue to be proven incorrect, and the British economy seems quite healthy going into 2017. The United Kingdom will enter the new year as the fastestgrowing economy in the G7. Unemployment is falling to boot. There are striking parallels between the post-Brexit vote Britain and post-Trump America.

In both cases, the mainstream media was completely incorrect about its negative economic predictions. Instead of crashing the U.S economy, Trump's election has led to a frothy rally. Likewise, in Britain, the post-Brexit vote economy looks surprisingly resilient. Will this last?

Brexit Hasn't Actually Happened Yet.

Trump and Brexit have another thing in common: Nothing has happened yet, and this means the future may be entirely different than what the market anticipates. In the U.K, the inflation rate continues to rise because of the weak pound and many economists believe this trend will get worse.

In addition to inflation, Brexit will have negative consequences on the British banking sector. However, one question remains: How much of the negativity has been exaggerated? We can only wait and see.