1 Ounce Gold Coin

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1 Ounce Gold Coin

Year and Brand of our choice.

This the the most popular option for clients looking to purchase gold coins, who do not mind what style coin they received. The 1 Ounce brand of our choice coin carries the lowest premium of any 1 Ounce coin that we sell.

1 Ounce Gold Coins are a diverse selection of high-quality gold coins from the world's most renowned mints. This unique offering presents an excellent opportunity to own stunning 1-ounce gold coins while benefiting from lower premiums and adding diversity to your investment portfolio.

Design of a 1 Ounce Gold Coin

The 1 Ounce Gold Coin - Mixed Brand assortment features a range of expertly crafted coins, each boasting their own unique and iconic designs. Depending on availability, you may receive one of the following coins:

  • Austrian Philharmonics: Displaying the beautiful Musikverein Pipe Organ on the obverse and a collection of musical instruments on the reverse.
  • Canadian Maple Leafs: Showcasing the iconic Canadian maple leaf on the reverse, with the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse.
  • American Eagles: Featuring Lady Liberty holding a torch and olive branch on the obverse, and a family of eagles on the reverse.
  • British Britannias: Depicting the legendary figure of Britannia on the reverse, with a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse.
  • Australian Kangaroos: Illustrating a detailed kangaroo design on the reverse, with Queen Elizabeth II's effigy on the obverse.
  • South African Krugerrands: Presenting Paul Kruger's portrait on the obverse, and the springbok antelope on the reverse.
  • Other gold coins not listed above may also be supplied.

Investing in Lower Premium Gold Coins

By opting for mixed-brand gold coins, investors can take advantage of lower premiums compared to purchasing specific coins individually. Lower premiums mean a greater return on investment, making mixed-brand gold coins an attractive option for both new and experienced investors.

Reasons to Add Gold Coins to Your Investment Portfolio

Gold coins offer a variety of benefits for investors seeking to diversify their portfolios:

  1. Hedge against inflation: Gold has historically maintained its value during times of economic uncertainty, making it a reliable hedge against inflation.
  2. Portfolio diversification: Investing in gold coins helps diversify your portfolio and reduce overall risk.
  3. Tangible asset: Gold coins are physical assets that can be easily stored and transported, providing a sense of security and control.
  4. Liquidity: Gold coins are widely recognized and easily traded, offering investors a high level of liquidity.
  5. Collectibility: In addition to their investment value, gold coins often hold a collectible value due to their rarity, design, or historical significance.
  6. Global acceptance: Gold coins are universally accepted and easily exchanged for currency in virtually any country.
  7. Minimal counterparty risk: As tangible assets, gold coins have no counterparty risk associated with stocks, bonds, or other financial instruments.
  8. Long-term store of value: Gold coins have maintained their purchasing power over long periods, making them a solid long-term store of value.

Invest in 1 Ounce Gold Coins and experience the benefits of diversifying your investment portfolio with these remarkable gold coins.

The 1 Ounce brand of our choice coin is available to clients in the UK and in Europe for delivery or for storage in our vaults.

Fast, insured delivery available.

Offshore bullion storage available.

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