1/2 Ounce Gold Bullion Coin, Year of our Choice

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Weight 15.550 Grams / 0.500 Oz
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1/2 Ounce Gold Coin.

Year and Brand of our choice.

This the the most popular option for clients looking to purchase gold coins, who do not mind what style coin they received. The 1/2 Ounce brand of our choice coin carries the lowest premium of any 1/2 Ounce coin that we sell.

1/2 Ounce gold coins are very popular amongst gold investors, and this coin is a good option, especially for new investors entering the precious metals market.

The 1/2 Ounce brand of our choice coin is available to clients in the UK and in Europe for delivery or for storage in our vaults.

Fast, insured delivery available.

Offshore bullion storage available.

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