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Why Buy Gold Austrian Philharmonics?

The dazzling Gold Vienna Philharmonic coin is manufactured by the Austrian Mint, one of the world's oldest makers of coinage. This exquisitely designed coin, inspired by the famed Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, is available in a range of sizes and continues to be one of the most popular products from the Vienna-based Mint. 

About The Vienna Philharmonic

For almost 800 years, the Austrian Mint in Vienna has produced coinage and currency, and the Vienna Philharmonic coin series is no exception.

The one-ounce Vienna Philharmonic coin is 37 mm in diameter and 2 mm in thickness, somewhat smaller than the former US silver dollar coin. It comes with a face value of 100 euros and is available individually or in tubes of 10 coins. 

Vienna Philharmonic Specification

Fractional Philharmonic coins are available in 1/2 ounce, 1/4 ounce, 1/10 ounce and 1/25 ounce sizes. Coins are available individually or in multiples of 20. The quarter-ounce coin measures 22 mm in diameter, 1.20 mm in thickness, and has a face value of 25 euros. The tenth-ounce coin measures 16 mm in diameter, 1.20 mm in thickness, and has a face value of ten euros. Each fractional coin features the same images as the one-ounce coin.

Vienna Philharmonic "Big Phil"

In October 2004, the Austrian Mint, under the guidance of Master of the Mint Dietmar Spranz, struck the huge 1,000 troy ounces Vienna Philharmonic Gold Coin, commonly known as the "Big Phil," to honor the 15th anniversary of Europe's first pure gold bullion coin. 

Only 15 of these mega-coins were made, each weighing somewhat more than 68 pounds. The coin is made of 99.99% pure gold and has a face value of 100,000 euros. 

Vienna Philharmonic Design

Each Vienna Philharmonic coin depicts Austria's world famous Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. The reverse side of the coin features the orchestra's name in German and depicts a collage of instruments, including a string bass, violins, cellos, bassoon, harp, and Viennese horn, all of which reflect Austria's illustrious musical and cultural legacy.

The reverse side of the Vienna Philharmonic depicts the "Great Organ" in Vienna's Golden Hall, which is home to the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. Also featured on the coin are its gold content as well as its legal tender value. The gold Philharmonic was denominated in Schillings until 2002, when Austria adopted the Euro as its official currency. 


The Austrian Gold Philharmonic coin, like other bullion coins, is produced to suit investors' demand for gold. As a result, the Austrian Mint's mintage fluctuates in response to the demand for gold coins. The complete gold Philharmonic series is available from 

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