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What is the Largest Gold Coin Ever to be Minted?

When gold coins are no longer being utilized as circulation cash but rather as collectibles or an investment asset, it's predictable that humans' competitive instinct would spilled over into the sphere of refiners and mints. Although the quest for the title of 'largest gold coin in the world' is costly, a few mints actually have tried it and the outcome is certainly remarkable.

The Biggest Gold Coins in the World

The world has already seen numerous gold coins that break each other's records for being the largest gold coins in the world. However, a couple of names that are still discussed as the biggest coins for their magnificent sizes and gold value are the Australian 1 Tonne Kangaroo and the Big Maple Leaf.

Australian One Tonne Kangaroo Gold Coin

The first Gold Coin is the One Tonne Kangaroo coin made in Australia in 2011. It was designed by the Perth Mint in Western Australia in order to highlight the mint's successful series of gold Kangaroo, which started in 1989.


The coin's special reverse design, which features a jumping red kangaroo encircled by stylized rays of sunshine, has been the world's biggest, heaviest, and also the most precious gold coin, weighing more than 2,200 pounds of strict 99.99 fine pure gold.

The coin is about 80 centimeters in diameter or about three feet. Also, It is nearly five inches thick. Though the coin's face value is $1 million AUD, but it is worth over $50 million according to today's gold pricing, making it the most expensive gold coin in the world.

The Guinness Book Record

The coin made the Guinness Book of World Records in 2012 the world's biggest gold coin.

This coin, which was on a promotional tour around Europe and Asia in 2014, was flown all the way to New York on July 16 for a single day show directly outside the New York Stock Exchange. The tour was to help promote the Perth Mint's new gold exchange-traded fund, Perth Mint Physical Gold.

Unlike other gold exchange-traded funds that are tied to futures prices, this fund is backed by gold deposited safely at the mint. Additionally, for a nominal charge, the fund enables even novice investors to redeem their shares for genuine gold. Additionally, it contains an explicit Treasury-backed guarantee that covers the monetary equivalent of gold.

The Other Biggest Coin: The Big Maple Leaf

This incredible Australian coin is 10 times the weight of the previous world record coin, which is a 220-pound gold coin dubbed 'The Big Maple Leaf'. It was released by the Royal Canadian Mint in 2007 and was the first coin to have a legal tender value of around $1 million. Following the first coin, the mint created five further specimens for private investors, each of which had a huge gold value of around $4 million at that time.

Wrap Up

Most bullion coins have weigh one troy ounce. However, people may buy larger coins. Numerous bullion coins are available in two-ounce sizes, including the Perth Mint's lunar new year series.

The Mexican 50 Pesos is one of the biggest bullion coins produced in considerable numbers for use as money. It has 37.5 grams of gold, measures 36mm in diameter, and was struck between 1921 and 1972. There are several million of these coins in circulation, making them relatively easy to invest in.