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Investing in American Gold Buffalo Coins

The American Gold Buffalo is the country's first 24-karat coin. It was issued by the United States government in 2006. It was mandated that the coins should be mined only in the United States. It takes its iconic design cues from the original James Earle Fraser Buffalo Nickel design. President Franklin Roosevelt commissioned this design in the early 1900s.

What You Need to Know about the Coins

Public Law 109-145, officially known as the Presidential $1 Coin Act of 2005, allowed for the creation of the American Buffalo coins. The same legislation also permitted the series of presidential dollar coins in 2007 and the redesign of the penny in 2009. The gold Buffalo coin was then launched in June 2006 with a restricted mintage of up to 300,000 pieces.

Apart from its purity, the coin is a lovely piece. It is a reproduction of the Buffalo nickel, often known as the Indian head nickel, which was struck from 1913 until 1938. The original Buffalo nickel was created by American artist James Earle Fraser. These designs are modified for the Buffalo gold coin.

According to the United States Mint, the American Buffalo was the government's first pure gold currency. It was struck for Americans interested in owning and investing in pure gold. And, although the Buffalo bullion coin has a face value of $50, it has a significantly greater selling value.

Why You Should Buy American Buffalo Coins?

In 2006, the US Treasury granted collectors' wishes for a pure gold coin from the US Mint. For years, bullion buyers acquired 24-carat gold coins from other sovereign mints while anticipating the coming of an American equivalent. Investors want American-made gold bullion coins struck from 0.9999 fine gold, as opposed to the .9167 fine gold used in the production of the American Gold Eagle.

The American Gold Buffalo was created to compete with Canada's Gold Maple and China's Gold Panda, all of which are made of 0.9999 pure gold. The 24-carat gold coin is manufactured in the United States and is among the purest available in the precious metals market.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Coins

All gold Buffalo coins have a small letter to the left of the portrait of the Indian head. These are P, D, S and W. Gold Buffalo coins are minted at the West Point Mint, and a small W can be seen on the coin. This W is also a counterfeit protection measure.

Bottom Line

Investing in American Gold Buffalos is a fantastic strategy to protect your portfolio against inflation and diversify your holdings to reduce risk. Although these 24-carat coins have been in production for less than a decade, they are among the finest and most highly regarded gold bullion products available. sells gold Buffalo coins for worldwide delivery and VAT-exempt secure storage.